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Ideal for Dock (Pier Pilings) or Log Fence applications

Sedona Round Natural Copper Post Cap
Sedona Round Natural Copper Post Cap with 1" drop
Dimensions: The Sedona caps are made on the 1/4" increments
Tiara Round Natural Copper Post Cap
Tiara Round Natural Copper Post Cap with 2" drop
Dimensions: The Tiara caps are made on the 1/4" increments.


The most important preventive maintenance is to protect the end grain on the log post top. As with all of our copper log post caps, they are handmade one at a time per order to fit your needs and will stand the test of time. By introducing any style of copper log post cap to your deck or dock posts, you are insuring years, and generations of maintenance free enjoyment.

Our Sedona and Tiara copper log end post caps are made of solid natural copper .032" thickness or 24 ounces / SQ FT or nearest gage (b & S) 20 and over time, will patina, developing a beautiful antique finish which will blend in with your log home d├ęcor.

To Measure for Post Caps, be sure to measure all your deck or dock posts to achieve a nice fit. Take the widest diameter across the top of your deck or dock post. Caps are made in 1/4" increments, if your measurement falls in between sizes, it is up to you if you want to round up or down the quarter inch. For a snugger fit when rounding down, you may need to remove a small amount of material from your post either by sanding or grinding with an angle head grinder and a rough grit of sand paper (60) grit. If you round up on the size your caps may be a little loose which can be cured with sizing tape. Applying a little clear caulk is also a nice finishing touch for those gaps between the log and post cap.

Attaching your deck post caps - No holes or tacks are included with the Sedona or Tiara copper caps. We recommend using a good exterior adhesive, when your copper caps have been fitted and your are ready to install them.

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